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Boxing Lingo

Unfamiliar with boxing lingo? Have you ever watched a boxing event and wondered what the commentators were

Or maybe you’ve heard boxing fanatics talk but couldn’t join in the

How about when you hear boxers trash talk their opponent? I’m
listing some boxing jargons here and hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two that
you can throw in next time you bump into a boxing fanatic.

Also, for any woman that wants to impress a man, try throwing in some of these
boxing lingo, of course only when it is appropriate and within the context of
the conversation!

It’s always good to learn new things. It keeps the brain sharp!

Learn Boxing Lingo

  • Boxing Lingo – boxing jargon.
  • Catcher – are boxers that use their heads to block punches from opponents.
  • Catchweight – weight that is met halfway between two boxers in different weight divisions.
  • Combination – a series of punches thrown consecutively.
  • Counterpunch – a response to a blow received from an opponent.
  • Dirty Fighting – is quite common with some fighters. Sometimes, referees and judges miss it and so the fighter gets a way with stepping on an opponents foot and punching him at the same time. Or elbowing, head-butting, low blows, a punch to the back of an opponent while he’s turned away, and many other tricks.
  • Down and Out – an unfortunate fighter that is has been knocked down and unconscious.
  • Draw – this happens when two fighters have equal scoring from judges.
  • Fall through the ropes – this happens when a boxers falls through the ropes of a ring by a knockout and has 20counts to get up and back in the ring unassisted.
  • Feint – an offensive move or faking a punch making your opponent lose his offensive stance opening him up to your blow.
  • Fight Card – Boxing events or programs, organized by big promoters have several matches in it. Undercards come before the main event which is last the last match held.
  • Gate – the amount of money earned from attendees in a boxing match or program.
  • Glass Jaw – fighters easily knocked out when hit in the jaw or chin.
  • Go the distance – when a fighter is able to compete in all the scheduled rounds.
  • Headbutt – are either intentional or accidental, either which is decided on by the referee. This when a fighter lunges his head forward, sideways, up or down to hit the opponent on the head.
  • Hitting on the break – a clinch between two fighters is separated by the referee and must be broken apart before either on delivers a punch, but while clinching a fighter strikes a blow to his opponent.
  • Infighting – close range fighting between two boxers.
  • Inside Fighter – is an offensive attack by a boxer who comes in close range with his opponent and delivers a series of punches.
  • Journeyman – are good fighters but may be inferior and with very little chance of winning. They are often called upon to fight rising contenders to buff up records and advance their ranking.
  • Knockoffs – happens when a more favoured fighter loses a match.
  • Knockout – is a legal blow to the opponent that sends him down to the ground in which he is unable to rise to his feet within 10counts.
  • Lead with one’s chin – leaving your chin open and unguarded.
  • Low blow – is a strike below the waist and is also illegal in boxing.
  • Majority Decision – one judge decides on a draw while the two other judges decide one boxer the winner.
  • Majority Draw – one judge decides on a winner while the tow other judges decide on a draw.
  • Match – a competition or tournament between two contenders.
  • Matchmaker – suggests, chooses and arranges two contenders to fight in a match.
  • No Decision – is a stoppage in fighting before the end of a set of scheduled rounds due to an accidental foul that severely injures a fighter.
  • On the bottom – a blow on the chin.
  • On the ropes – a boxer pushed to the ropes and held there due to his opponents punches.
  • Outside Fighter – keeps a distance from his opponent, steps in and out quickly, and sends long-range punches.
  • Parry – is when a fighter avoids or thwarts punches from his opponent by using his gloves.
  • Pound-for-Pound – is the leading boxer based on record wins and knockouts no matter his weight division.
  • Rabbit Punch – blows to the back of the head or neck that is illegal and dangerous.
  • Ropes – the cord surrounding the ring which confines a match.
  • Southpaw – a lefty boxer. Has a more dominant left hand and is able to throw powerful punches with it.
  • Sucker Punch – caught off guard by a blow.
  • Technical Knockout – can come in many different forms, a fighter throwing in the towel because he is unable to fight due to severe pain. Or when a referee decides that a fighter is no longer equipped to fight or is in danger.
  • Unanimous Decision – three judges deciding on one winner.
  • White Collar Boxers – regular guys that compete in boxing without prizes. They are neither amateur nor professional.
  • White Corner – is a neutral corner where the fighter goes when the referee stops the fight momentarily.

Boxing lingo, some food for thought I hope you found informative!


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