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Cardio Workout: Boxing + Circuit Training


Combining boxing training and circuit training gives you fantastic results! It works your whole body, builds up your strength and improves your muscular endurance. A great cardio workout!

Circuit training is performing different exercise with little or no rest in between. Targeting different muscle groups and also using aerobic exercises.


Here is a sample workout I give to Jr & Tintin Tanpinco:

They started the training by warming up and stretching for about 10 to 15 minutes.

4 to 6 rounds with focus mitts.

4 to 6 rounds of circuit training: 5 reps bench dips, 10 reps knuckle push-ups, 15 dead lifts(70lbs to 150lbs), 20 box jumps 24” and 25 sit-ups. For a time of 20 to 35 minutes total. (In the video below, they did 4 rounds of circuit training in 25 minutes)


4 to 8 rounds of  boxing circuit: 30 sec non-stop punching (jab-straights) with the mitts, 10 power punch combinations (2 to 3 punch combo), 5 reps burpees and 10 reps of kettle bell swing 10 lbs – 20 lbs. Little or no rest in between also.

Very important to end your workout with 10 to 15 minutes cool down and stretching.


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